Joseph Gonzalez

My name is Joseph Gonzalez owner of Zelaz Salon, here is a little bit about myself.
I had never given the beauty industry a thought at all. One day I started to think about my future, a friend of mine was in beauty school, he asked me if I was interested in attending school. My immediate reaction was “NO WAY, I DONT WANT TO TOUCH PEOPLES HAIR!”
A few months later I was enrolled in beauty school, six months into school I thought I cant do this, I felt this was not for me.
I went home that night and I talked to my boyfriend, he mentioned that I had already been going to school for six months and that I should see it to the end and see what happens.
That is exactly what I did, after graduating the same friend who suggested beauty school also helped me get my first job at a salon.
I was doing nails for about 3 months when the owner asked me if I wanted to try to cut someone’s hair. I said yes, after my first hair cut I cried and that went on everyday for 6 months.
Day by day I started to learn, get better, and gain confidence.
Now, hair is my passion and what I do best!!


Adriana Cruz

Adriana Cruz developed a passion for make-up and hairstyles when she was a teenager.Growing up in Mexico City she found herself surrounded by many opportunities to work in the beauty industry such as retailer, beauty consultant, esthetician, and make-up artist.
However, it was not until she arrived here in the United States when Adriana decided to start a career in cosmetology, she decided to go to school and get her license.In May 2013 she proudly graduated from City Colleges of Chicago, following her graduation she immediately started working and developing new techniques and skills.Adriana has had the privilege of working with several professionals based here in Chicago.Her salon experience started at Marquin Salon where she worked under Marquin Montgomery, Carissima Salon with Toni Di Pasca and Mario Napolli.During this time she also studied and worked with a well-known make-up artist Maria Barrera and has now branched out on her own as a make-up artist.At this time Adrianna Cruz is currently employed at Zelaz Salon working and perfecting her skills under the guidance of Joseph Gonzalez.


Raul Montoya

Raul Montoyq grew in the big city of Monterrey in Mexico, from a very early age he had a great passion for beauty.
He began working in the arts, started off with dancing, and began to get involved with hair and makeup.He moved to the states in the early nineties and began to work in California, shortly after he moved to the windy city where he resides now and considers Chicago his home town.He decided to pursue his passion further and went to Truman College where he graduated in May 2007 with honors. Since than he has his license in cosmetology, his approach is to have fun with his talent and his clients, and to always maintain a professional attitude. He specializes in and loves to work with color and haircuts and avant-gard styles with his own personal touch of a modern style.